Now it’s your time to shine!

Welcome to the course

Soon performing will be easy for you or at least easier. I hope that the techniques, simple visualisations and different exercises about convincing performance, you’ll find from the videos and texts used in this course, will strengthen you to be your true self, whether you have an audience of either three or 300 people. With the help of this course, you can renew your way to perform, and you’ll experience that it’s good to be well prepared.

This course is an online course on presentation skills, studied independently and suitable for everyone. The goal is that the course would offer knowledge, which could be utilised trough out life!

The contents of the course in its entirety will be available to you immediately. You can access the studies freely by clicking the right side of the page or the menu in the end of the page. We recommend that you proceed according to the menu. All the videos on the course have English subtitles. You’ll find the subtitles by clicking the CC-icon on the right corner of the video.

To ease your studies, you can mark a section as completed by clicking the button at the bottom of the page. The materials will be visible to you for the duration of the course and 6 months after. 

If you face any challenges with any of the technical aspects of the course, please send a message to: Your school will answer other questions concerning the studies and the course. 

Start practising now

Into this course I have gathered information, models, and practical instructions, which have crystallized along the years, during the coaching I have done with different people, and which have helped thousands of Finnish people. So, choose the practices from the course that are suitable for you and start practising them right way, one by one, this way you’ll notice what kind of response you get from your audience.

Don’t be afraid to perform in different events and state your thoughts both at work and on free time. By practicing the techniques of influencing the presentation situations become pleasant.

The basis of all influence situations and performing is the bravery to be your true self. Trying to be something else for example based on title, other people’s expectations or to play a role is a job for the actors. Most of all the purpose of this course is to help you to your best self, to get your personality to shine and your self-confidence to grow. Influencing, performing is easy when one knows what’s worth doing and why.

The online course is perfectly suited to be completed together with a fellow student, in which case you can encourage and give feedback to each other about the exercises. Of course, it just as well can be completed alone.

Enjoy your coaching journey towards becoming an influential and liberated performer!

Niina Sainius

Video: The five most common delusions about performing

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Video: Expert, avoid these mistakes!

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